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Footcare Continuing Education Videos

Do you need to brush up on your care skills, or learn ways to take better care of your patients? Rainier Med Ed continuing education videos help you learn what you need in order to become certified in foot care or earn continuing education credits. These medical education videos for foot care nurses are intended for health care providers who need to add foot care to their previous medical training.

These footcare continuing education videos come as a downloadable MP4 file. Courses also include worksheets in PDF format and links to tests in text file and Word document formats. This lets you access these materials from almost any device. These courses cover everything from basic skills, like charting, to foot care for specific conditions, including diabetes and edema.

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<c>All Program Special!!!</c> Charting is Critical - 1.0 CEs $25.00 The Diabetic Foot - 2 CE Credits
Edema Lymphedema & Compression - 1.5 CE - $37.50 Examination and Care of the High Risk Foot - 2 CE Credits How to Create Your Own Foot Care Pads - 1.5 CE Credits
Fungus Among-Us - 1.5CE - $37.50 Gait Examination - 1.5CE - $37.50 Infection Control in Foot Care - 1 CE | Rainier Med
Infection Control Strategies for Private Foot Care Nurses During Covid-19 - 1.5 CE Credits Lower Extremity Physical Examination Training Training Video Minor Procedures on Feet and Nails - 2 CE Credits
Musculoskeletal Problems and Solutions - 1.0CE - $25.00 Diabetic Foot Risk Evaluation - 1 CE Credit Pedal Dermatology - 2.0 CE Credits
Peripheral Neuropathy & Charcot Foot- 1.0 CE - $25.00 Routine Foot Care Case Studies - 1.5 CE Credits Routine Foot Care Case Studies - Part 2 - 2.0CE - $50.00
Routine Foot Care Visit Essentials - 2.0CE - $50.00 Shoes, Socks & Inserts for High Risk Feet - 1.5 CE Credits Wound Care Fundamentals - Part 1 - 1.5 CEs - $37.50
Wound Care Fundamentals - Part 2 - 1.0 CEs $25.00