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Foot Bandages, Hammer Toe Braces, and Foot Aids

You rely on many tools and supplies to deliver high-quality patient care in your podiatry practice. At Rainier Medical, we offer a wide variety of products to help you improve patient care outcomes. We stock an impressive selection of professional-grade foot bandages, hammertoe braces, and foot aids vital for accomplishing your treatment objectives.

Our inventory includes foot bandages made from durable and comfortable materials that aid your patients' healing. Choose from nylon and polyester bandages that deliver protection and support. Elastic bandages offer the flexibility needed to achieve objectives such as compression or immobilization or to allow movement as appropriate.

Like our foot bandages, our hammertoe braces and foot aids are crafted from premium materials to meet the demands of treating bunions and other challenging conditions. Order your foot care supplies from Rainier Medical and benefit from excellent pricing and customer service.
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Virtua V4 Safety Glasses

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch Self-Seal Instrument Pouch

Pouches for disinfecting or storing disinfected instruments.  After you use Cidex cold disinfectant solution, package the instruments in sets for each patient.

Savings: $4.50