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Athlete’s Foot Cream and Antifungal Products for Foot Care

Fungal infections on the skin and nails are unsightly and embarrassing. Stop the spread and get your skin back to the way it was before with Rainier’s premium assortment of athlete’s foot spray and antifungal foot cream that eliminate toenail fungus. We offer trusted brands and medicines that are designed to cure you the first time. Break the infection and reinfection cycle with some of the strongest topical foot fungus creams available on the market without a prescription.

Find great products such as Tineacide Shoe Spray, which kills 99.9 percent of fungus and bacteria, reduces cross-contamination from infected shoes, aids in the healing process, diminishes fungal infections and eliminates odors. Use patented FungaSoap enriched with Tea Tree Oil to stomp out athlete’s foot, fungal toenails and other skin fungi.

Get these and other great products to help wash away fungus and bacteria and soothe dry, itchy, irritated skin. Rainier has vital solutions you need to effectively fight the fungus battle and win, all at competitive prices! Many of our products beat the average list price.

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Frequently Asked Fungus Questions

Are Fungal Infections Dangerous?
Athlete’s foot and fungal infections on feet and toenails are uncomfortable and embarrassing, but these conditions are also dangerous to some patients. Fungi are highly contagious and increase the risk to patients with diabetes and other conditions. Proper cleansing and topical treatments can cure these ailments.

How Do Nail Fungus and Athlete’s Foot Affect Patients?
Nail fungus starts with small, discolored spots under nail tips. As it deepens, it can cause the nail to crumble or thicken. It can also spread to other nails. Nail fungus can cause pain, swelling, bleeding, and odor.

Athlete’s foot frequently affects the areas of skin between toes, but it may also appear on heels, soles, or the tops of feet. This condition causes a rash that itches, burns, and stings. The affected skin can blister or crack and sometimes produces odors.

Many times, people who have calluses and rough skin patches also have skin fungus. Take extra care when sanding these areas to avoid spreading fungi.

How Can You Treat Nail Fungus and Athlete’s Foot?
Using specially formulated soaps, cleansers, antiseptics, lotions, and creams can treat these conditions. Other products can relieve associated pain. Rainier Medical carries a wide variety of safe, effective products.