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Electric Foot Sanders and Callus Removers

Deliver first-class patient care with high-quality foot sander and callus remover tools from Rainier Medical. Eliminate stubborn calluses and dead skin cells while minimizing tension and strain on your hands.

Choose your new electric foot sander from top-rated models with many helpful features. Professional Dremel kits include interchangeable sanding barrels, burrs, bits, thermal caps, and other essential accessories. We also carry sanding systems with integrated vacuums for fast, easy debris removal.

Our callus removers offer convenient features such as belt clips and cordless operation for effortless portability. These models can operate on a full battery for up to 10 hours. We also stock extra batteries, battery chargers, filters, and bags for built-in vacuums.

Rainier Medical is your best source for professional podiatry tools, including foot sanders and callus removers. Count on us for all your podiatry equipment needs.

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FAQ About Rough Skin

Is Rough Skin Dangerous?
Nobody likes rough skin or calluses on their feet, but these conditions are dangerous to some people. Patients who have diabetes or poor circulation risk developing infected open sores if the skin isn’t properly treated, and these ulcers can produce significant dangers.

What Causes Rough Skin?
Several factors can lead to buildups of rough, dead skin and calluses, including:
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Poor nutrition
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Smoking Eczema
  • Improperly fitting or unbreathing footwear
When treating affected areas, it’s critical that you don’t break the healthy skin because of the increased risk of infection. Using safe tools to sand dead skin and remove calluses is vital, and every product Rainier Medical sells is safe.

Where Do Calluses and Dead Skin Typically Form?
While dead skin can build up anywhere, the heels and toes are the most common places on feet. Some people also develop these conditions on the balls of their feet. Calluses aren’t necessarily painful, but they can become tender and painful if they thicken. Properly debride these areas using tools from Rainier Medical.

Do You Need Safe Podiatry Tools?
Rainier Medical carries high-quality electric sanders and accessories to treat calluses and rough skin safely. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.