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Hammer Toe Cushions, Shields, and Bandages

As a foot care specialist, you help your patients achieve the best possible foot health. Hammer toe is a challenging condition that requires specialized treatment methods. Rainier Medical has the supplies you need, including hammer toe cushions, protective felt pads, fabric toe shields, and fabric toe bandages.

Our inventory includes hammer toe cushions in many materials, including silicone and felt. Designed to redistribute pressure from the affected area and mitigate friction, they're essential in helping reduce discomfort and improve treatment outcomes.

We stock hammer toe protective felt pads to help your patients by forming a soft barrier between impacted toes and their shoes and socks. Our stock includes other helpful products such as fabric toe shields and bandages to support and protect hammer toes as they recover and heal. Shop Rainier Medical's selection of pads, bandages, and cushions today.