Felt Protective Pads -Large
1/8" Adhesive Felt Protective Pads For Feet - 100 Count

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Felt Protective Pads: Large -
For Bunions or Plantar Forefoot Lesions

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Bag of 100 pieces



Felt Protective Pads - Large | Rainier Medical

Rainier Medical is proud to offer our Felt Protective Pads - Large. They feature:

  • 1/8" adhesive pads used to relieve pressure from bony prominences

  • Packages of 100 pads

  • Large - For bunions or plantar forefoot lesions

Felt Protective Pads - Large, offered by Rainier Medical, are essential foot care accessories for preventing pressure ulcers and providing added comfort for patients in healthcare facilities. These adhesive felt foot pads are designed to create a protective barrier between the skin and surfaces, reducing friction, shear, and pressure on vulnerable areas of the body.

The felt pads can be placed over bony prominences anywhere on the foot. By educating your patients to use these pads between visits, you will keep them more comfortable and safer from ulceration during that time.

Be sure you teach them to stretch or cut the hole large enough to be larger than the bony prominence. If the hole is too small, it will increase the pressure and possibly cause skin problems. But, by stretching or cutting the hole larger in some cases, this is the perfect solution to relieving pressure. In order to wear these foot felt pads longer, the patient can also use the fabric bandages to secure them. You naturally want to be careful about skin sensitivities, but the fabric Coverlet Band-Aids are usually safe to use.

These protective felt foot pads are not only useful for patients but also for healthcare professionals. They can be applied to beds, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment to provide an extra layer of protection and cushioning. The felt foot pads can be secured in place using adhesive strips or other fastening methods, ensuring they stay in place during patient movement and activity.

Felt Protective Pads - Large from Rainier Medical are invaluable foot care supplies for preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing patient comfort in healthcare settings. With their large size, soft felt material, and ease of cleaning, these felt foot pads provide an effective solution for reducing friction, shear, and pressure on vulnerable areas of the body. Order online today!

  • Boasts great adhesive properties

  • Portable and versatile

  • Ships quickly

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