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Sanding Burrs for Foot Care Nurse

Rainier Medical carries the professional foot care sanding burrs you need to care for your patients. We stock foot care Dremel sanding burrs in a wide range of shapes and sizes for a variety of skin and nail care tasks. Straight-sided burrs work well on calluses and thick nails, while pointed burrs can reach into nail borders and ingrown nails. We have both diamond and carbide sanding burrs for foot care nurses, so you can choose tools that work fast or leave a smooth finish.

Our selection also includes specialty shapes, like slotted “hurricane” burrs, rosebud cutters and discs, to treat specific pathologies. These burrs are sold individually or in sets. We also carry burr holders so you can keep your most used tools at hand.

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Do All Sanding Burrs Work the Same?

As with most tools, some sanding burrs work better than others for particular uses. Their shapes, sanding surface materials, and grits differ, allowing podiatry nurses to choose the best burr for specific treatments. Rainier Medical carries various individual burrs and sets to meet your needs.

What Kinds of Burrs Does Rainier Medical Carry?
Rainier Medical’s sanding burr and disk selections work with Dremel and other electric foot sanders. Some come with attached mandrels, while others require you to purchase mandrels separately. Burrs are used to debride patches of rough skin and nails and to remove calluses.

Disposable Sanding Caps and Disks
Disposable sanding caps and disks are available in multiple sizes and grits and are recommended to remove hard calluses, clean heels, and debride nails. You’ll need a rubber mandrel, sold separately in our Dremel Accessories kit.

Carbide and Diamond Burrs

Rainier Medical carries sets and individual carbide and diamond burrs in multiple shapes and grits to treat various skin and nail conditions. Each burr and set indicates recommended usages.

Do You Need Sanding Burrs?

Every item description provides detailed information about recommended usage for each burr, but contact Rainier Medical if you need help choosing the right products for your specific needs.