Bur Holder Block

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Protective Bur Holders

Pink Burr Block - $24.00
White Burr Block - $24.00
Travel Burr Case - $10.00
Bur Jar - $6.00
(burrs not included)



Burr Holder Block I Rainier Medical

Unleash the power of organization with Rainier Medical's Burr Holder Block – your ultimate solution for preserving and organizing your specialty sanding burs. Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered tools and welcome a new era of precision and protection. Our collection, featuring the "Pink Burr Block," "White Burr Block," "Travel Burr Case," and "Burr Jar," is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of foot care professionals.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Protection: The "Pink Burr Block" leads the charge in specialized protection, made from durable plastic with a secure clear cover. Prevent cross-contamination in clinics by lightly setting the top to shield your 48 valuable sanding burrs from nail dust in the air.
  • Versatile Travel Solutions: On the move? The "White Burr Block," "Travel Burr Case," and "Burr Jar" have got you covered. The "White Burr Block" with its tight snap closure is designed for travel, protecting 28 burs. The compact "Travel Burr Case" is perfect for foot care professionals on the go, safeguarding 14 burs with a tight snap closure.
  • Secure Snap Closures: Both the "White Burr Block" and "Travel Burr Case" boast tight snap closures, ensuring your burs remain organized and securely protected. Experience the peace of mind that your tools are safe, whether in storage or during travel.
  • Tailored Sizing Options: The "Pink Burr Block" is tailored to accommodate 3/32" burr shank sizes, maximizing organization and accessibility in your clinic. Customize your storage experience and ensure your tools are always at your fingertips.
In the dynamic world of foot care, organization is key, and Rainier Medical's Burr Holder Block collection is your secret weapon. Elevate your practice, protect your valuable sanding burs, and experience the confidence that comes with a well-organized toolkit. Invest in the Pink Burr Block, White Burr Block, Travel Burr Case, or Burr Jar – because when your tools are organized, your foot care practice thrives.

Pink Burr Block - $24.00 each
3.0 inches wide x 4.0 inches tall
48 Holes
Accommodates 3/32" Bur Shank size
Plastic - Not autoclavable


White Burr Block - $24.00 each
5" wide x 1.5" deep x 2.5" tall
28 Holes
Accommodates 3/32" Bur Shank size

Plastic - Not autoclavable

........ ......

....... ......

Travel Burr Case - $10.00 each
24" wide x 3" deep x 1/2" tall
Accommodates 3/32" Bur Shank size

Plastic - Not autoclavable

.......................................................Burrs NOT INCLUDED!!!


Burr Jar - $6.00 each
2" wide x 1.75" tall
Plastic - Not autoclavable


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