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Foot and Nail Care Certification, Education & Specialty Training for Nurses - Learn More

As a professional podiatric physician and surgeon with 25 years of experience in wound and high-risk foot care, Dr. Overstreet understands the vital importance of having access to important and usable training tools that will help you advance your skill set in wound and foot care. Whether you're looking for ways to expand your nursing skills or you're interested in opening your own foot care practice, you've come to the right place.

Foot and nail care require specialized techniques and skills. Rainier Medical Education Programs' specialty training programs aim to equip nurses with the practical skills needed to excel in this field. Through hands-on training and our other advanced foot care courses online, you will learn proper foot and nail assessment, treatment techniques, and prevention strategies. The training emphasizes patient safety and ensures that you can provide optimal care for patients with various foot and nail conditions.

Rainier Medical Education Programs cover a wide range of topics related to foot and nail care. From anatomy and physiology of the feet to common foot problems, wound care, and diabetic foot management, these foot care nurse courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in foot and nail care. You will learn evidence-based practices and gain the necessary knowledge to provide specialized care to patients with the knowledge to gain certified foot care nurse training.

Rainier Medical Education Programs offers specialized training for nurses in the areas of wound and foot care and awards continuing education credits for these in-depth programs. We offer advanced foot care training tools, education in examinations and debridement, and resources for gaining professional foot care certifications online. Learn how to start your own foot care practice, from guidelines and protocols to the best marketing tactics. Become a leader in your industry with foot care specialist training that’s designed with your success in mind.

Through a foot care nurse course, you can demonstrate your expertise in the field, making you a valuable asset to healthcare facilities and providing additional confidence in your abilities. Sign up for one of our foot care classes today.

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