Professional Diamond Sanding Burrs for Foot Care Nurses

Quality Precision Burrs

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Professional High-Quality Sanding Burs for Hyperkeratotic Tissue & Hypertrophic/Dystrophic Nails


Burs are most commonly Diamond or Carbide. They come in a large variety of shapes and grits. The shapes are designed for specific nail or skin pathology.

  • Straight sides are efficient for calluses and thick nails.
  • Pointed designs will reach into nail borders and small ingrown areas.

Use a light or heavy pressure - or a lower or higher speed (RPM):

  • For a light touch-up of the nail plate, a fine diamond bur will treat both the top and front edge of the nail leaving a smooth surface. Probably use lighter pressure or a slower speed (RPM).


  • For moderately thick nails, a coarse diamond or carbide bur can be used.
  • A coarser bur grinds much faster and thins the nail plate quickly and in a very controlled manner.


  • When using a carbide bur, keep the speed medium to high and approach the nail gently. This ensures the bur does not bite into the nail and does not bounce.
  • It may be necessary to smooth the nail surface with a fine diamond bur after reduction with a carbide bur.
  • For debridement of dystrophic nails such as thickened mycotic nails, the most efficient bur is made of carbide.
  • Consider changing the direction of the bur rotation if you have an advanced sander with this feature. That can solve a "bouncing" bur problem.


  • Choose the right bur shape for shaping and filing the nails.
  • Are you working to thin the flat surface of the nail? Use a bur with a larger, flat side such as the two burs on the left in the picture above.
  • Burs with a straight cutting edge will allow consistent reduction of the nail plate, leaving the nail plate equally thick over its surface.
  • Are you getting into the sides (medial & lateral borders) of the nails? Try using one of the first two burs shown in the picture below.
  • To reduce nail in the ingrown sides of the nail you may elect to use a slender "taper" diamond bur.
  • At moderate speeds these taper burs will reduce the nail while affecting the nearby soft tissue very little.
  • Are there tiny areas that need to be smoothed or cleaned out? Try the first two burs in the picture above.

There are also specialty burs to professionally treat some of the advanced nail pathologies that we see with our clients.

Master List of Professional Foot Care Burs

Each of our burs is fitted with a standard 3/32nd" shaft size.
Each is high quality stainless steel.
Each can be sterilized in an autoclave or disinfected with appropriate liquid solutions.

1) Diamond Burs Medium Grit - $18.00 each

  • These burs can easily be used on thin or thicker nails as well as corns & calluses.
  • Some have pointed shapes which will allow you to get into the smallest spaces to provide even thinning of the nails and nail borders.
  • Others have flatter sides which are excellent at thinning thick nails & calluses.
  • This will give you the versatility to achieve excellent debridement.
  • High quality British stainless steel with diamond coating.
  • Suitable for Autoclave or disinfecting solution.
  • Versatile shapes will help you thin and shape the most challenging areas of nail or skin.
  • More coarse than the Medium grit British burs above.
  • Suitable for Autoclave or disinfecting solution.

2) Carbide Specialty Burs $28.00 each

V- 509M - Cone

  • Quick removal of callus, smoothing nails, cleaning cuticle and nail fold.
  • Two different cuts in one bur. Coarse and fine segments. This means unmatched cutting performance together with smooth results.
  • Very smooth running and gentle on patient.
  • Recommended for diabetics.
  • Suitable for Autoclave or disinfecting solution.
X - 87CRB - Coarse cross-cut

  • Straight edge and gently curved top edge make this extremely versatile, especially effective for thick, dystrophic toenails.
U - 75CRB - Bud shape cross-cut

  • Medium cross cut suitable for removal of callus, debriding of thick, dystrophic nails, medium removal nails rate.

3)Tapers - Skinny Burs aka Tapers (Diamond medium grit)
$28.00 each

# S - 66DM - "Basic Taper" - (Diamond)
# R- 62DM - "Long Taper Point" - (Diamond)
# Q- 57DM - "Short Taper Round" - (Diamond)
  • These are good tools for the elimination of difficult corners and edges, and even for work on calluses between toes.
  • Ideal for ingrown nails. Ideal for treatment of incurvated nails.
  • It facilitates the removal of the ingrown nail by thinning the nail and allowing utilization of the nipper.
  • Note the comparison of bit diameters. Each has it's best use.
  • The wider one is good for corners and edges.
  • The narrower ones are great to thin the sides of ingrown nails to relieve pressure.
  • These diamond burs are fairly skin friendly. When used gently they will effectively reduce nail without harming skin or building heat!
  • Suitable for Autoclave or disinfecting solution.

5)Rosebud Carbide Bur $28.00 each

"Rosebud" aka "Ball Cutter" (Carbide)
  • This specialty bur is perfect for removing those small, painful corns that often plague our clients!
  • It's high quality design is made of long lasting carbide.
  • You can also use this on toenail deformities! A must have.
  • Suitable for Autoclave or disinfecting solution.

6)Hurricane Specialty Bur Coarse Diamond - $28.00 each

  • The holes in the barrel protect from excess heat and facilitate dust removal if you're using a vacuum sander system.
  • Large flat sides work amazingly well to reduce thick nails.
  • Also perfect for sanding dry, flaky heels.
  • Suitable for Autoclave or disinfecting solution.

7)Diamond Wheel Disks $18.00 each

# K-72DM - "Wheel Disk" (Diamond) 2 diameters - #K1=0.7cm, #K2=0.5cm
# L-18DM - "Medium Barrell Disk" - (Diamond)
# N-22M - "Umbrella Disk" - (Diamond)
  • Wonderful for thinning and smoothing in tight areas or on smaller nails.
  • Also excellent for shortening the nails.
  • Suitable for Autoclave or disinfecting solution.

8)Saw/Lamella Bur $28.00 each

# T- 510LGQ Carbide-Rotatool (X-Thin & Long)
  • This precise bur is best used to gently "saw" thru thick and elongated toenails.
  • Helps remove the majority of severely elongated nails.
  • Then you can refine and finish the nails without pain or problems!!
  • Suitable for autoclave or disinfecting solution.

9)Diabetic-Friendly TiAIN Burs $28.00 each

TiAIN Small Cone, # Y-505LSQ
TiAIN Narrow Cone, # Z-515LSQ
TiAIN Large Cone, # AA-520LSQ
TiAIN Barrel Cutter, # BB-555LSQ

TiAIN - What is it?

Titanium Aluminum Nitride, violet bronze in color, actually forms a hard aluminum oxide layer. This reflects the heat back away from the nails & calluses.

1. Very gentle on sensitive skin and high risk skin!!!
2. Much lower heat development - so much more comfortable for the client!
3. Increased production levels at higher speeds;
4. Longer bur life.
For the quick removal of thick dystrophic nails and callus hyperkeratosis.
  • Lamellas toothing, fine with cross cut and PVD-coating (wear protection coating)
  • These TiAIN series burs are PVD coated which results in a much longer lifespan, and NO HEAT.
  • The barrel design has a large surface area and chews through thick nails easily.
  • They have a very high removal rate.
  • Suitable for autoclave or disinfection solution.

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5 of 5 Excellent burrs for foot care September 4, 2023
Reviewer: Kim West, RN CFCS from Spokane, WA United States  
I am using a variety of burrs from Rainiermeded.com including the Tian burrs. These appear to be extremely durable and I anticipate that they will last a considerable amount of time.  
I have found that the small barrel diamond tip burrs are a favorite of mine to use. The small size allows me to reach areas around edges and and the distal tips of nails easily.
And who doesn't appreciate the 'skinny bit' burrs?  They are so useful along the shoulders of the nail when needed.
The quality of these products really justify the cost.
Thank you Dr. Julia for offering these fine products!

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5 of 5 Love these burrs August 27, 2023
Reviewer: nicolien wilder from Crozet, VA United States  
They do a quick and precise job

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5 of 5 Perfect product for my patients needs May 30, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Tucson, AZ United States  
Exactly what I ordered and I was surprised at how quickly they arrived!

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5 of 5 Great products! May 23, 2023
Reviewer: Kim West RN CFCS from Spokane, WA United States  
I prefer to purchase my burrs from Raininermeded.com because Dr. Overstreet carries the finest quality of durable burrs.
I also purchased two Medicool Files. One for my home office and one for my away kit. Let me tell you...you want to have a back up Efile in case one goes haywire on you.
I support Dr Overstreet's products that she offers because she has a noble cause which is training the best foot care nurses for now and for the future.

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5 of 5 February 14, 2023
Reviewer: Alison Kenneway from Kennebunkport, ME United States  

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