Charting is Critical - 1.0 CEs $25.00
Charting is Critical - 1.0 CEs $25.00

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This video is intended for nurses and other providers who are preparing to become certified in routine foot care, whether the goal is to switch into the field or simply add additional skills to the repertoire. This video provides 2 Nursing Continuing Education Credits.

This is a downloadable product. We will send you a link for the download shortly after receiving your payment that will include:

  • Video Course (will be a .mp4 file)
  • Worksheet PDF
  • Links to Test (will be in Word doc and Text file format)



Foot Care Charting Course | Rainier Medical

Step into the realm of meticulous and indispensable care documentation with Rainier Medical's Foot Care Charting Course. As leaders in nursing continuing education, we recognize that charting is both the least favorite and most vital aspect of healthcare. Our downloadable course provides a comprehensive solution for nurses and healthcare providers seeking mastery in foot care charting.

Key Features:

  • Essential Charting Expertise: Unravel the complexities of charting with our in-depth .mp4 video course. Gain essential skills in accurately describing and analyzing patient/client history, physical examinations, and care provided. Elevate your charting proficiency to create a seamless chain of care, ensuring thorough documentation that stands out in the eyes of both patients and fellow providers.

  • Thorough Resources: Our commitment goes beyond the video course. Receive a detailed Worksheet PDF and links to tests in Word and Text formats. Dive into examples of charting forms for routine foot care, enrich your vocabulary with terminology worksheets, and develop a robust plan of care. Equip yourself with resources that facilitate efficient charting, insurance billing, and legal protection.

  • HIPAA Compliance and Beyond: Navigate the complexities of HIPAA requirements seamlessly. Our program delves into the nuances of compliance while providing practical insights for independent practitioners. Ensure your charting aligns with nursing care standards and stay diligent in your care documentation, safeguarding both patients and practitioners.

  • Accessible Learning: Rainier Medical is committed to making quality education accessible. Our Foot Care Charting Course is not just a program; it's a critical resource for every healthcare professional. Elevate your charting skills affordably and confidently, knowing you are investing in the foundation of exceptional patient care.

Transform the way you approach charting — download Rainier Medical's Foot Care Charting Course today. Unleash the power of precise documentation, foster compliance, and secure your professional standing in the dynamic landscape of healthcare. Don't overlook this critical program — chart your path to excellence now!

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