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Professional Foot Care Training for Nurses




Continuing Education for Nurses Who Want to Specialize in Foot Care

At Rainier Medical Education, we provide a wide range of resources for nurses who either want to or already do have specialty foot care training.
The number of Americans with diabetes and other chronic illnesses affecting blood flow and chronic conditions of the lower extremities is rapidly growing. According to CDC estimates, as many as 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2050. In addition to this, we have an increasing population of elderly citizens, most of whom are living longer than ever before. This means trained foot care nurses are an ever-growing demand, and the medical industry will urgently require people who can meet the skills.

As part of a greater community, we're also here to provide nurses with access to other resources. We advocate Professional Education, LLC because we believe they are great source for nursing foot care education. Check them out now.

Professional Education, LLC offers several online foot care training programs for RNs. A training program can boost your career and give you new focus.

Available Continuing Education Courses for Foot Care Nursing

1. Clinical Practices in Foot Care for LPN/LVNs - Certificate of Completion for 25 Contact Hours (Calif.)
2. Best Practices in Foot Care for RNs - Certificate of Completion for 25 Contact Hours (Calif.)
3. Foot Care Internship Program - Certificate of Completion satisfies 40 Clinical Contact Hours in Foot Care (Calif.)

What's Included in This Training

1. Learn to work with at-risk patients
2. Get an introduction and rationale plus five topics written specifically for the training of RNs
3. Learn entirely online
4. Take this course at your convenience with a computer and internet access
5. Receive 25 contact hours of continuing education for nurses

Foot Care Nurses Are Important

Foot Care for the Elderly

Americans are living longer and the number of elderly diabetics are increasing rapidly. Many will be suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes and PAD, and require special care for their feet.

Hospital Foot Care

Foot care in this setting is critical as poor foot care may allow for the development of lesions on patients' feet and legs, with the potential for amputations and death. RNs who understand foot care are a vital contribution to hospitals as they help to reduce the suffering and morbidity in patients.

Long-Term Foot Care

When patients are immobilized during long-term care, severe lesions have a chance to develop on feet and legs. This can lead to amputation and death, so it's imperative that RNs in a long-term care setting are able to help reduce the suffering and morbidity of patients.

Podiatry Offices & Diabetic Foot Care Clinics

Having the skills to perform routine foot care helps to lighten the load for physicians and podiatrists, making RNs with foot care knowledge an indispensable resources in doctors offices and clinics.

Home Care

Many severe complications from wounds and ulcerations in diabetic and elderly patients occur at home, where access to regular foot care may be limited. RNs with knowledge in routine foot care can provide in-home treatment to help prevent injuries.

Private & Mobile Care

Developing your own foot care practice to provide routine foot care will allow you to work with a wide range of patients and facilities. Learn more about building and marketing your own foot care practice with our own set of online or CD instructions, designed to help you understand licensing, tax, payments and marketing.

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