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Diabetic Footcare Ointment - Urea Exfoliant Footcare Cream.

We carry diabetic foot exfoliant cream designed for people suffering from severe dry skin, cracks, fissures and eczema. The diabetic footcare ointment on this page uses urea as its primary active ingredient. It acts as a moisturizer and, in the concentrations found in these lotions, a powerful exfoliant. Since this urea exfoliant foot care cream is perfume- and alcohol-free, it’s suitable for patients with diabetes. Diabetic urea lotion also causes a keratolytic reaction when applied to thick nails, making them easier to clip.

Thanks to recent changes in drug scheduling, we’re now able to offer over-the-counter creams with up to 40% urea concentration.

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40 Percent Urea Cream Revitaderm for Cracked Heels & Feet Urea 40% Cream

This is Urea 40% Cream. Until recently it was by prescription only. But now it is available at this 40% strength OTC!! Formulated for extremely dry skin, including diabetic skin conditions and dry cracked heels.