Co-Flex Self Adherent Wrap
Unna Boot

Coflex Self Adherent Wrap

1" x 5 yards - for $5.50 each roll
4" x 5 yards - for $7.50 each roll



Self Adhesive Medical Tape and Bandages

CoFlex Med - 1" and 4" Self-adhesive Compression Bandage Wrap
is a comfortable medical bandage for use when lightweight compression is required. This medical compression bandage wrap offers controlled pressure with non-slip support. CoFlex Med bandages are self-adhesive is ideal for use as a support wrap, to promote circulation and healing, to help stop bleeding, and holds IV's in place for extended periods of time. Recommended by doctors as a high quality wound care product.

Self adhesive medical tape should be in every foot specialist’s supply box. When you’re bandaging feet or providing wound care, a self-adherent bandage is the best way to provide lightweight compression and reliable security, ensuring that the bandage won’t slip or fall off as your patient goes about their daily activities. This prevents wounds and topical medication from soiling furniture or clothing, and it also ensures that the wound is protected from contamination.

In addition to these benefits, bandages and medical tape can also help to stop bleeding by applying pressure to a wound. CoFlex by Andover is especially well-suited to this purpose because it is self-adherent and does not shrink after application. Providers can also utilize the Unna boot bandage for patients with ulcers and other foot wounds. The zinc oxide in this bandage protects the wearer’s skin and promotes the ability to naturally heal any wounds.

Use for:

1. Secure bandages on toes.

2. Cover Unna Boots for additional compression and for protection from the creamy nature of the Unna Boot ingredients and protect clothes.

Use CoFlex to secure bandage on uneven surfaces like toes!

CoFlex is an open cell foam surface, is non-irritating and gentle on the skin with a comfort level unmatched by other products in the market. This Coflex bandage can be used for all cohesive bandage applications including the treatment of edema, holding dressings in place, stabilizing IVs and as a light compression wrap.
Coflex can be used as a compression bandage to reduce or stop bleeding while promoting circulation and healing. It can reduce bruising and help control swelling. Sports enthusiast use Co-flex foam bandage as a support wrap for the foot, ankle, leg, knee, shin or other parts of the body. Hospital and clinical applications include holding IVs in place, affixing monitors, vascular post-operative wrap, support wrap, bandage, edema control, leg ulcer wrap and finger immobilization.

Coflex tape is often used as an overwrap in conjunction with the Unna boot. Co-Flex self adhesive wraps are popular sports wraps that adhere to itself and therefore requires no adhesive, clips or fasteners like most wrappings. Coflex wrapping tape is light weight and provides nonslip support. It is a self adhesive wrap that comfortably adapts to the contours of the body, providing protection and absorbing shock during athletic activities.

Wrap over Unna Boots to secure & protect
Andover Co-flex Bandage Tape Features & Benefits:
Non-sticking bandage wrap
Self-adhesive wrap with no clips or fasteners.
Light pressure bandage.
Non-irritating bandage wrap.
Light weight porous wrapping that is breathable.
Adaptable to body contours.
High tensile strength.
Quick-stick - clings to itself, stays in place and will not unravel
Thin and lightweight for added comfort and prolonged wear
Manufactured by Andover.

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