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Foot Pain Relief

Pain associated with common foot ailments such as bunions and calluses can stop even the toughest in their tracks. Dry, cracked feet can lead to increasingly deepening wounds that won’t heal, and repeated pressure contact connected to bunions and hammertoes can result in unbearable discomfort and pain.
Through Rainier Medical, Dr. Julia Overstreet has been providing nurses with quality callus, hammertoe and bunion relief products online for more than five years, and her continued and extensive commitment to foot, nail and wound care means that, whether you’re a nurse or simply someone looking for foot pain relief, you can rely on us for the best products available today.

We carry a selection of bunion toe pads, hammertoe and bunion support cushions, and gel pads for calluses, each designed to help alleviate ongoing foot pain in a non-surgical manner. If you suffer from pain or extreme foot dryness, you know that cheap grocery store products oftentimes fall short of their promises. At Rainier Medical, we’ve tested our products to be able to ensure their quality, and we don’t sell products we wouldn’t use on ourselves. Whether you’re interested in one of our heel sleeves for dry heels or you’re looking for cushioning support, shop Rainier Medical to discover the difference.

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