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Sweatstop  spray

Sweatstop Spray
from Blaine Labs

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Blaine Labs Terpenicol Antifungal Solution

Sweatstop sweat spray by Blaine Labs reduces the risk of fungal infection by addressing excessive sweating. This hyperhidrosis treatment uses a 3% solution of tannic acid to temporarily shrink sweat glands. The active ingredient also acts as a natural astringent, removing excess oils.

Sweatstop hyperhidrosis spray works on any area that is prone to sweating, including feet, toes, and palms. Using this product is easy: Just apply two to three bursts of spray 3 to 5 inches away from the skin and allow it to air dry. When applied to feet, it reduces moisture inside socks and shoes. This creates an environment that discourages the growth of fungus, reducing the chance of infection. This treatment comes in a 2-ounce bottle, making it convenient for travel. Discounts offered on multi-bottle orders.

  • Significantly reduce the amount of sweat generated by temporarily shrinking sweat glands
  • Aids in the prevention of skin infections by maintaining a dry environment
  • Quick-drying, fast-acting mist in a convenient 2 fl. oz. travel bottle

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is the active ingredient and what effect does it have?
    The ingredient in SweatStop For Hyperhidrosis is Tannic Acid (3%). Tannic Acid is used as a natural skin astringent (drying agent) and removes excess oils from the skin.
  • How do I use the product? How often?
    Hold SweatStop For Hyperhidrosis about 3-5 inches away from the designated area of skin. Apply 2-3 bursts and allow to air-dry. Use as often needed.
  • What should I be aware of using this product?
    Keep away from eyes. If skin begins to crack or peel, decrease usage of product.

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